Trading & PPP

Kinesis Investment – Private Placement Programs and Trading

Kinesis Investment is linked to multiple platforms who provides limited invitation for exclusive PPP programs, our team specialize in the capital growth markets with over ten years of specialised experience in the emerging but very exclusive world of High Yield, Private placement programs. Private placements programs regularly delivering sustainable returns on capital employed, not available in more traditional investments markets. Investor/Clients enjoy privileged direct access to four of the seven largest licensed traders and trade platforms in the world with our team at all times responsible for providing each client with detailed and personalized opportunities to suit their own circumstances.

Depending on the investor assets (physical or diigital), each case will be evaluated independently and the best way to proceed will be decided collectively with the key intention of optimising the assets of our investors by applying by nature the most safe and sustainable strategy.

Our company of investment work in close relationship with worldwide recognized trading platform and we act as a trade management company to manage the trade and the performance under contract, we are in charge to set up the leverage and set up the trading for the client.

We provide for you the necessary instruments to initiate the trade and we set up for our investors an IBA (Investment Brokerage Account), this account will allow the investors instruments to be protected and to see the results of the trade in real time.

Each potential Investor and client will submitted an application which will be studied in details by our team and they will be assessed in every aspect so that the execution leads to the most suitable long-term solution for every investor and client’s circumstances.

The purpose of this type of trading is to finance projects, not generate tremendous profits for the client. These may be for-profit or non-profit and can be funded as a result of this trading.