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Private Equities

Private Equities

Kinesis Capital and Investment is a leader in complex infrastructure private equities with a unique portfolio of high yield projects, using our large network to assist companies and governments, our team are more than finance bankers and investment managers, they are also active ally to enhance your company growth, we work closely with leaders to create value and make each project unique and valuable.

More than just an investment, a partnership with high skilled teams

Kinesis flexible structure provide a simple answers to complex situations, our team will assist the leaders to build a most valuable company, our vast experience in fund structuration, investment process, projects of all types (engineering) and also in technologies allow our team to help you to align your interrest with our pool of investment.

From international to regional experience our strategy to enhance values

Our company leverage a unique international presence based on the strenght of this group (Kinesis Group World), located in more than 26 countries in every continent, Kinesis Capital and Investment use the companies of our group to gain a deep market knowledge and our operational expertise in several fields will allow your company to enhance this value and accelerate your value growth.

Kinesis Group is located in Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, South East Asia, Europe, North and South America, Islands, through our network we will combine investment experience, industry knowledge, operational expertise in order to be an effective and active partner in your company and for our portfolio, our team will help you to create new value, address your business issues, identify solutions to be applied to allow your company to grow faster and be efficient.

From Aerospace and Complex Infrastructure to specific projects

Kinesis Investment create value over every investments, we usually invest through market cycles with a focus on long term perspective, our funds of investment focus on value creation by investing on high growth and value markets like Aerospace, Aeronautical business to specific complex infrastructure as the MROTROPOLIS.

We first capture the global picture of the project proposed to our fund of investment, once the deep understanding is processed our company will create opportunities, boost the value, bring in-depth market opportunities with a unique knowledge to strenghten your project and exploit the full potential of your project.