Financial Planning

Kinesis Investment specialize in three primary areas of business finance including : corporate finance, trading and financial market, corporate finance, we allow businesses to reach a higher standard of financial by investing in your development.


Kinesis Investment highly invest in new solution to take effective decisions for investment on financial markets, corporate evaluations or prediction of valuation of stocks, our company use Asterion AI to evaluate and predict movements and values, the AI is based on the last Microsoft AI engine, fully optimized and designed for our use, the algorithms are regressive and are using a new technology process to manipulate several quantum positions in order to check all possibilities and scenarios, our AI is advanced and linked to a next generation Blockchain tech dedicated to our company, so the results are only visible by our investors.

We provide solutions and advice for investment for the three areas of practice, through our collective intelligence AI database we collect all the necessary data to develop a viable scheme of investment and put in place very effective strategies of medium or long term strategies for our investment board and our pools or clients, our company do it’s best to identify the key trends for medium and long term investment process.

Kinesis Investment financial planning division add value to your investment through the use of the next gen deep reinforcement learning hybrid intelligence engine, this engine will collect all the equity reports from similar companies from the identified industries and will find patterns through identical data and active equity scheme, the engine will provide scenarios through multiple insights, the results are visible only to our investors who receive in real time the data through their devices and can engage with us in any decisions, from short our position to buy or sell !

KINESIS ASTERION AI is a unique CANADIAN technology and it’s up and running ! enroll today…