Kinesis Investment is a global infrastructure and real estate global group, who operates to create sustainable and unique living environments, through eco-friendly design, construction and infrastructure, progressive green-building and real estate development, renewable energy technology, and advanced water treatment solution

Kinesis Investment is part of the 12 companies owned by Kinesis Group Holding, our sisters companies like EKOS (Energy Kinesis Operating Services) or AKC (Airports Kinesis Canada) and many more design, engineers and realize new projects all over the world, these companies are specialized in Energy, Airports, Infrastructures, Water and Sewage Treatment Systems, Refineries and more.

Kinesis Investment provide to AKC and other companies the possibility to act on Turn Key solution for certain clients (governments), so Kinesis Investment created an early stage ecosystem where KI invest at early stage on the feasibilities and other type of studies in order to check the viability of the projects before to engage any investment.

TKP (Turn Key Project) are engaged once the first preliminary evaluation is cleared by the engineers, they preliminary evaluate the potential of the project before to engage any investment, once the division clear the preliminary process, Kinesis Investment engage the necessary investment to realize the project and sign in the same time a IPA (Investment Protection Agreement), the advantage to be at this early stage is to be capable to obtain more shares and also a better control of the returns and yield for the project, by creating added value we are capable to reduce the capex investment and sometimes increase the revenues.

KI invest in majority in the following fields (energy):

We also invest in Airports, Aeronautical Structures, Airlines expansions and restructuration, Real Estate in Aeronautical structures.