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Asset Management

Asset Management

With offices in several countries and several projects under investment pool and management, Kinesis Capital and Investment is one of the largest and most established PE-VC firm dedicated to complex infrastructures and aerospace investment.

Kinesis C&I investment process is a very subtile combination of fundamental understanding, added value to project or service and risk mitigation, we provide a unique approach to your existing project in order to enhance the viability and generate more returns, we build consistent portfolios based on risk and return, our capital allocation and risk management is managed by specialists who use forecasting and valuation schemes and new strategies, alternative investment models, market and economic risk management associated to the project in case the investment is related to a service linked to the government.

We also specialize in trading and stock risk assesment allowing us to extend your company valuation by expanding your network of supply or else, this model applies only for OIL & GAS, ENERGY PRODUCTION & COMMODITIES.

Our asset Management Division is divided in several services ranging from Equities to Quantitative Management, we specialize in venture lending and infrastructure debts. KC &I is divided into six (6) funds, these funds are EABF based, these expandable active block funds are driven by three type of financing from Alternative Investment to Islamic Finance schemes, each dedicated EABF hold specific specialists dedicated to enhance the quality of your project and provide concrete insight once the investment is approved.

EABF_AA : Class Z1 Fund with expandable capacity of 3 Bn $ USD

EABF_CI : Class Z1 Fund with expandable capacity of 3 Bn $ USD

EABF_HB : Class B2 Investments based on collaterals and garantees, expandable funds up to 1.3 Bn $ USD (PPP or PFI not accepted), for Biotech same scheme as D1

EABF_ITAI : Class D1 Fund with expandable capacity to be adjusted over the project and the stage.

EABF_EP : Class D2 Funds based on collaterals and garantees (PPA), investment variable and structuration between debt and private equity or venture lending.

EABF_CT : Class B3 Management and Trading fund – dedicated to commodities and trading (FX, Stocks, ETF, Derivatives, CDS, Securities, Treasury Bonds, Buy and Sell)