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Kinesis Investment and Capital

Canadian equity investment and asset management

Kinesis Capital is an investment and asset management company specialized in infrastructure and technologies that offers to our third or managed investors an exclusive exposure and access to high potential opportunities in unique assets.

Creating an enhanced value on diversification leading to unique investment and unique equity portfolio

Leaders with a unique portfolio

Who We Are

We are Leaders on the Market

Kinesis Capital & Investment is a new leader in Private Equities and Venture Capital with extensive knowledge in finance and infrastructure industry. We launched our pool of investment in 2016 with only one EABF and our fund capacity in 2019 grew up to four (4) EABF (Expandable Active Block Funds) ranging from Infrastructure to New Technologies.
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“Our equity value is leaded by each managers who previously and successfully managed high profile equity portfolios and brings a unique collaborative approach and unique results to our investors”

Investment Portfolio Division
Co-founder and Vice President

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The Areas of Investments

Lifecycle investment process approach

Kinesis fondation is valued by a unique operational expertise

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Leading the field of complex investments

Kinesis Investment financial team have extensive knowledge and experience across the globe for financing projects and develop top notch strategies to run complex projects, our core practice includes banking and project finance, restructuration, capital markets, pool management, investment funds, trading and private placement, our specialists has been advising and developing structure for all type of projects for many years.

Complex Investment
Islamic Finance Investment
Our main goal

We are always ahead

“Our investment company combine international knowledge and experience in very complex projects in order to provide a first class tailored investment solutions to effective leaders”

Investment Private Equities Director
Director and Co-founder

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  • Kinesis withdraw this investment for the North Bali Airport

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